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THE NUN: The Story of a Carmelite Vocation

THE NUN: The Story of a Carmelite Vocation

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This award-winning documentary tells the beautiful story of Marta, a young Catholic woman in Sweden and her counter-cultural choice to follow a calling to become a cloistered Carmelite nun, and to live her life for God alone.

Documentary filmmaker Maud Nycander followed Marta and her family for ten years to tell the story of her vocation, and the Carmelite convent made a unique exception to its strict regulations by allowing the filmmaker to meet with and interview Marta both before and after her five-year postulant period. The Carmelite convent in Glumslöv in the south of Sweden is normally closed to outsiders, so this is a rare glimpse into their hidden life. Swedish with English and Spanish subtitles. 58 minutes. NSTC Region 1 (can be played in Europe or on a PC).

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