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Rodriguez, Otilio OCD. An introduction to a fruitful reading of the Way of Perfection. 89pp PBK

This book consists of a series of eight conferences given by Father to the Carmelite community in Darlington. Father agreed to us printing these conferences and generously gave time to read through the original draft and make necessary corrections and additions.

A list of the conferences is given here. Each conference is broken down into headings which are not shown here.

The book contains 90 pages.

The conferences are:
Conference one: Ecclesiastical or religious background at the time of St Teresa

Conference two: A look at the Way of Perfection from the outside

Conference three: A view of the Way of Perfection from the inside

Conference four: Jesus Christ our friend, heart and soul of Carmel

Conference five: Life of prayer, life of friendship: first elements of the Teresian charism

Conference six: At the service of our friend. Second element of the Teresian Charism. The Ecclesial element

Conference seven: Prerequisites for a life of prayer

Conference eight: living our life of prayer

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