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The Simplicity of Love - Jennifer Moorcroft

The Simplicity of Love - Jennifer Moorcroft

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“This book is both an inspiration to savour, and a treasure of information to ponder, pertaining to how two women , equally in love with God, would be bound together not only by birth but by their unity in the Divinity. The Simplicity of Love is a splendid addition to the body of work surrounding the depth of holiness and the holistic genius of Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity. I recommend it to the widest possible readership, from cloistered religious to married couples committed to restoring the integrity of family life from its earthly demands to its heavenly destiny”.
Susan Muto, PhD
(Dean, Epiphany Academy of Formative Spirituality, Pittsburgh)

In this fascinating biography - the first book on Guite to be published in English - we first see the close relationship between the two sisters, as well as some of the spiritual guidance which Elizabeth wrote for Guite from the Dijon Carmel. Following Elizabeth’s death, we witness Guite’s spiritual maturity, which was especially remarkable in the years when she left as a widow with nine children and facing extreme poverty, wartime deprivation and personal tragedy. Known in her parish and neighbourhood for her outstanding charity and prayerfulness, she embraced the will of God in all that happened to her. As this book convincingly shows, Guite is a sure model for Christians in married and secular life, and an inspiring example of the transformative effects of the teachings of Elizabeth of the Trinity which are accessible to all, wehther in the cloister or leading a busy life in the midst of the world.

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