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SCHOLAR AND THE CROSS: The Life and Work of Edith Stein

SCHOLAR AND THE CROSS: The Life and Work of Edith Stein

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Graef, Hilda. 1954 edition. She was, said Time magazine, "One of the most remarkable women of her time."
On the evening of August 2, 1942, the doors of the Carmelite convent in the Dutch village of Echt opened, and a middle-aged nun calmly stepped from within the enclosure accompanied by two Gestapo officers. She walked with them a short distance to a long, sleek sedan, surrounded by an excited, protesting crowd. Born Edith Stein, now Sister Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, she was taken first to a concentration camp in Westerbork. Then several days later one of her former pupils saw her on the station platform at Schifferstadt. "Give my love to the sisters at St. Magdalena," Sister Benedicta bade her. "I am traveling eastward."
On August 9, 1942, the Vigil of St. Lawrence, Edith Stein and her sister Rosa disappeared into the gas chamber at Auschwitz. 234pp HBK

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