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Manservigi, Dom Massimo. Sabeth, a pet name for Elizabeth, is a documentary film that endeavours to bring the message of the Carmelite sister from Dijon up-to-date, by narrating the story of a girl who goes to the French Carmel to make a retreat and there discovers the universal and "spousal" value of Elizabeth's life. A set of three DVD's (plus booklet), divided into chapters with a rich menu that allows an extensive and easy use. The first two contain the documentary 'Sabeth' which presents "Laudem Gloriae"'s entire earthly life. There are many photographs of the Carmelite and of the old Carmel at Dijon, as well as the pieces of music Elisabeth loved and affirmations of the present community at Dijon Flavignerot. The third DVD (Sabeth Today) contains the memories of the Chevignard brothers (the last of Sabeth's nephews, still alive), the reflections of Fr. Antonio Sicari, OCD, Fr. Conrad De Meester OCD, and Abbe P. M. Fevotte, together with the origin of the documentary Sabeth, as explained by the filmmaker don. Massimo Manservigi. In four languages, French, Italian, English, and Spanish. Approx. 35 mins.

A 'multiregion' dvd player is required outside Europe.