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Holden, Chris. Understanding the Papacy. Special Edition celebratiing the Papal visit to Britain 2010.
This exciting and inspiring film begins by outlining the foundations of the Papacy, when Jesus announces Simon Peter as "The Rock," on which the Church will stand. From there the journey unfolds through history, from the early Christians within the Roman Empire, to the present day global influence of the Church. Through all manner of trials and difficulties the Papacy has remained constant throughout, leading God's people along the path of salvation.
This high quality production brings together powerful music and imagery as well as contributions from well known speakers and authors Steve Ray, Fr Marcus Holden, Joanna Bogle, Fr Andrew Pinsent, Fr Joseph Carola and Fr Nicholas Schofield. This film is ideal for any Catholic home, for use in parishes, schools, or to share with friends. Approx. 40 mins.