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Godhead Here in Hiding – St Teresa of Los Andes

Godhead Here in Hiding – St Teresa of Los Andes

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The Carmelite St Teresa of Los Andes (1900 –1920) awakens our hearts anew to the beauty and transforming power of the Eucharist. In Godhead Here in Hiding, Jennifer Moorcroft first introduces us to the fascinating life and engaging personality of this young Chilean saint who made a difference to people’s lives through her lively faith, her care for those in need, and the depth of her love of God, which was nourished by prayer and the Eucharist.

 The book next leads onto St Teresa’s Eucharistic spirituality by presenting carefully selected quotations from Teresa’s writings, accompanied by prayerful reflections from the author, on such themes as the Mass and the paschal mystery, prayer before the tabernacle, and the Heart of Jesus, all of which opens our eyes to see Christ as Teresa did. As our complacency is shaken and our spirits are reignited, we discover in a way that is personal and profound that St Teresa of Los Andes is rightly called an ‘Apostle of the Eucharist’. 

Jennifer Moorcroft is a member of the Carmelite Third Order. 


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