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15 Days of Prayer with Teresa of Ávila (2011)

15 Days of Prayer with Teresa of Ávila (2011)

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Abiven, Jean. 149pp PBK.

ABOUT THE BOOK As spiritual guide and director, Teresa of Avila placed prayer at the centre of the relationship between the human person and God. She is best known for her mysticism, but this volume presents the many other kinds of prayer that sustain us over the course of our lives. She places steadfast trust in God as the cornerstone of a holy life, but insists upon intellectual engagement and good judgment, objectives this 15-day journey will help readers achieve. Teresa of Avila is a faithful mentor for anyone seeking a spiritual education. Saint Teresa of Avila, a 16th-century Carmelite nun and Doctor of the Church, withstood tremendous opposition to revive the primitive monastic rule and conditions of poverty, hardship and solitude for religious life. With Saint John of the Cross, Teresa became an influential spiritual director, leaving a legacy of classic writings that include The Way of Perfection and The Interior Castle, her most complete statement on prayer and contemplation. ABOUT THE SERIES Spiritual journeys are best experienced with a guide. 15 Days of PrayerA" provides such direction from foundational spiritual figures. Each volume in the series contains: * A brief biography of the saint or spiritual leader introduced in that volume * A guide to creating a format for prayer and retreat * 15 meditations sessions with focus points and reflection guides

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