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Tonnelier, Constant. 2012 155pp PBK

This popular series is perfect for those looking for an introduction to a particular spiritual guide, those searching for gift ideas and those who merely wish to know more about the person and his or her spirituality. Additional volume planned in 2 to 3 months intervals. Each volume contains: A brief biography of the saint or spiritual leader introduced in that volume A guide to creating a format for prayer and retreat 15 meditation sessions with focus points and reflection guides Follow in the footsteps of Saint John of the Cross Saint John of the Cross (15421591), Carmelite friar and Doctor of the Church, was born to a noble but impoverished family in Toledo, Spain. Showing no aptitude for a manual trade, he joined the Carmelite Order in 1563 and was ordained to the priesthood in 1567. Under the influence of Saint Teresa of Avila, John worked to revive the primitive monastic rule, often against the wishes of religious authorities. Despite periods of imprisonment and banishment and almost continual harassment, John persisted in his advocacy of monastic reform and wrote many of his greatest poems and other works under extreme duress. Achieve union with God John of the Cross is best known as one of the Churchs great mystical theologians, and the central theme of his mysticism is that through a life of pure faith and love of God, the soul may attain union with the Divine. As your retreat master and companion, John challenges you to become like Christ to be wounded and suffer with Him, to be consumed by His presence and thus to be emptied of self, to be purified in heart and mind and finally to be overcome and transformed by His love. The ultimate consequence of your 15-day journey with John of the Cross may therefore be the deep mystical union with God that John placed at the center of the Christian life.