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Eucharistic Values and Global Hunger

Eucharistic Values and Global Hunger

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In his book Eucharistic Values & Global Hunger, which revolves around four major axes - the Sacramentality of the Eucharist, the Communality of the Eucharist, the Practicality of the Eucharist and the Healing aspect of the Eucharist. Fr Evaristus Ekwem offers a remarkably clear, concise and comprehensive exposition of the doctrine on the Eucharist and its practical relevance in addressing world hunger.

With theological competence and vast pastoral experience, he provides valuable insights on the intrinsic relationship between the Eucharistic communion and the daily communion with the impoverished and hungry, who groan with anguished hearts every day in our communities. No doubt, his book is a rich resource on the Eucharistic doctrine and its social implications.

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