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Elizabeth of the Trinity: Her Life and Spirituality

Elizabeth of the Trinity: Her Life and Spirituality

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Murphy, Marian Teresa, Sr. OCD. The Vast Triangled Heart. 140pp PBK.

'A VIBRANT PROPHET OF THE PRESENCE OF GOD' is how Pope John Paul II described Elizabeth of the Trinity. In this compelling book, we enter deeply into her life and spirituality and see just how relevant Elizabeth's message is for those of us living in today's highly secularised society. Attractive, lively, ardent, talented, yet with her share of faults, Elizabeth shows that when we give ourselves to God, he builds on our nature and transforms us gradually into himself. She challenges us to follow her example and respond to God's universal call to holiness, while reawakening us to the immense depth and beauty of the normal channels of God's grace: prayer and the sacraments. The author shows how Elizabeth offers a compelling witness of holiness to the Church of today for 'Her life is what God wills every life to be'. Cardinal Albert de Courtray, former Bishop of Dijon, expressed it succinctly: "It is easy to see how Elizabeth's message is addressed to all Christians. She never for one moment entertained the idea that her calling as a Carmelite conferred some sort of spiritual superiority on her. For Christian spiritual life is founded upon faith, baptism and becoming ever more like Jesus Christ; so that whatever the Christian may be, whatever his or her moral, psychological or social condition, he or she is always that 'new humanity' in which Christ will come again to renew all his mystery". "This is a truly remarkable book. It is written in a clear, simple and engaging style by an author who shares with us her deep love of Elizabeth of the Trinity and her profound grasp of Elizabeth's spirituality, centred on the indwelling presence of God in every baptised person. The book offers us deep insights into the development of Elizabeth's inner life and the major themes in her writings, as seen through the eyes of someone who speaks from first-hand experience and with authority about the life of a Carmelite nun". James McCaffrey, O.C.D. (Editor of Mount Carmel magazine) Sr Marian Teresa Murphy, a Carmelite of St Joseph's Monastery, Liverpool, England completed her MA dissertation on Elizabeth of the Trinity with distinction. She is the author of Always Believe in Love - Selected Spiritual Writings of Elizabeth of theTrinity. An engaging speaker, she has made several CDs on various aspects of Elizabeth's life and spirituality, which form the basis of this inspiring book.

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