DEAR MASTER: Letters on Spiritual Direction inspired by Saint John of the Cross (2004)

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Muto, Susan. Letters on Spiritual Direction inspired by St John of the Cross. A Companion the The Living Flame of Love, foreword by Adrian van Kaam. 115pp PBK.

Saint John of the Cross has been a source of inspiration to faith seekers, both religious and lay, for over 400 years. Profound and timeless, the works penned by this Spanish Doctor contain clear and precise spiritual directives that will help anyone in their attempts to walk in the footsteps of Jesus.Susan Muto, a gifted interpreter of John of the Cross, has written a valuable guidebook to one of his classic works. The Living Flame of Love. Muto captures the spirit of Saint John of the Cross with an imaginative series of letters that might have been exchanged between John of the Cross and Dona Ana de Penalosa, the spiritual directee for whom he wrote perhaps his most personal and passionate work.A wealth of tested advice on methods of spiritual direction based on one of the Church's finest spiritual mentors, Dear Master is a book for both beginners in search of advice on spiritual direction and for those at more advanced stages of contemplation.