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CARMELITE SPIRITUALITY: The Way of Carmelite Prayer and Contemplation (2020)

CARMELITE SPIRITUALITY: The Way of Carmelite Prayer and Contemplation (2020)

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Live and Pray Like a Carmelite!

Centered on prayer and contemplation, Carmelite spirituality seeks to awaken in its practitioners an intense thirst for an immediate and direct experience of God, from which can grow a deep and loving friendship with Him.

Most fully developed by St. John of the Cross (d. 1591) and St. Teresa of Avila (d. 1582) and then further enriched by St. Thérèse of Lisieux (d. 1897), Carmelite spirituality flourishes in solitude and silence, nurtured by quieting external noise and turning away from interior distractions.

Not at all limited to persons in monastic or convent life, Carmelite spirituality is meant for all who yearn for a deeper and sustained union with God. That is, it is meant for you.

In this illuminating book, the Swedish Carmelite Cardinal Anders Arborelius shows you how, by praying, sacrificing, and meditating in your own particular circumstances, as the great Carmelite saints did in theirs, you, too, can awaken to the sweet presence of God within you and grow ever more eager to hurry toward Him in your daily pilgrimage toward eternity.

With the help of good Cardinal Arborelius and these enlightening pages, you’ll learn:

Why true silence is necessary if you are ever to be transformed by the Word of God

How to access — or create for yourself — such a transforming silence

Why temptations are an essential part of every living spiritual life

How, even amid tasks and temptations, you can recognize the enduring presence of Christ in your life

How, if you ask with sincerity, the Holy Spirit will rush to your aid as you advance step by step toward an abiding intimacy with Jesus and with God the Father
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