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AN EDITH STEIN DAYBOOK: To Live at the Hand of the Lord.

AN EDITH STEIN DAYBOOK: To Live at the Hand of the Lord.

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Batzdorff, Susanne This book is intended to give the modern reader guidance and instruction for every day of the year through the words of Edith Stein. 124pp PBK.

“Edith Stein, born into a Jewish family on Yom Kippur in 1891, won renown as a philosophy scholar in pre-World War II Germany. She worked within a distinguished circle which included Edmund Husserl, Adolph Reinach, Max Scheler and Martin Heidegger. In 1922 she startled her friends and associates by becoming a Roman Catholic and, shortly thereafter, entering the Carmelite order to live in a cloister as a professed sister. In 1942 she was taken from her convert by the Nazis and was murdered at Auschwitz.

“These selections span a period of nearly 25 years in her life: the youthful atheist thinks about her life and the alarming events of her time; the mature, self-discovery and the spiritual shaping of the human being; the Christian philosopher struggles with the meaning of existence; finally, the great contemplative gives advice for introspection and serenity.” [From the cover]

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