Carmelite Monastery


West Yorkshire, LS22 4HZ

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Wetherby Carmel at Wood Hall began its existence in 1969 from York, in the wake of the Second Vatican Council. The diocesan Bishop, William Gordon Wheeler, wished the renewal of the Church in his area to be underpinned by the prayer of a contemplative community and he saw Carmel as eminently fulfilling this desire.


The Carmel was founded from York Carmel with seven sisters and has grown over the years into a strong, united community. The monastery is a modern purpose-built one, situated in the beautiful countryside of lower Wharfedale on the edge of a wooded river valley. Its witness is very much a hidden one; but a guest flat provides a quiet space for those who wish to draw aside from the business of life and share the sisters' life with its rhythm of prayer, liturgical worship and silence.

Apart from this main work of the monastery, which is prayer, the sisters engage in Altar Bread Work, Printing, Gardening, Forestry and Craft Work.

A full account of the foundation and life of the community can be found in the book 'Countryside and Cloister' by Marie T. Litchfield (one of our sisters) publised by Family Publications, 77 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 6LF, price £6.95